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Below are links to SAT testing information.
The SAT is the most popular test that high school students take and that colleges consider.
Students who are planning on applying to college or who think they might should take the SAT.
The SAT may be taken multiple times.   Most students take the SAT for the first time during their junior year of high school.

Note:  photo identification is required to take the SAT examination.
Below is a link to PSAT testing information.
The PSAT is the PRELIMINARY SAT.  Its purpose is to introduce students to the SAT testing process and to identify academic strengths and needs.  The PSAT will generate scores that can be used to develop an individualized study program for SAT preparation.   Once the PSAT scores are received, the student can pursue specialized SAT test preparation focused on identified areas of academic need.
The PSAT is usually taken by students in their sophomore or junior years of high school.

The PSAT is offered every October at Pioneer Central Schools for a small fee.  Contact CBCS or Pioneer High School for details.

Below are links to ACT testing information and SAT Subject testing information.
The ACT is similar to the general SAT – but the ACT includes science and social studies sections.
The SAT Subject tests are specialized tests focusing on individual academic disciplines.
To determine if these tests should be taken, students should contact admission departments of specific schools in which they are interested.