Central Baptist Christian School

(To Be Updated Soon with More Information)


Tuition is increasing by $300 for your first child and $100 for your second child for this school year (as well as $25 per student for registration).  Listed below are the new tuition costs.

General Tuition (Yearly):

1st Child – $2,500

2nd Child – $2,000

3rd Child – $1,700

4th Child – $1,400

5th Child & up – $1,000

Our half-day Kindergarten is $1,400 per year (unless the family has 5+ children in the school, in which case it would be $1,000).  Half-day Kindergarten is FREE to Central Baptist Church members!

Full-day Kindergarten is a full tuition (members of Central Baptist Church would pay $1,000 per month for a full-day Kindergarten).

Tuition is based on a 10-month payment schedule, August through May.  The first payment is due August 1, and the last payment is due May 1.  Each payment is 10% of the total tuition.  For example, if tuition for your child is $2,200, the first payment is $220 (due August 1).  A $10.00 late fee per student will be added if payment is not received by the 10th of the month. 

A 5% discount is available to those who pay their tuition IN FULL prior to the start of the school year.  All CBC members and all those who are employed in full-time Christian ministry receive a $200 discount per tuition.  


Grades 1-12 – $225 before June 1, $275 after June 1

Kindergarten – $175 before June 1, $225 after June 1

The registration fee and the first tuition payment must be received in full before a child may start school.  If any account is past 60 days overdue, the child will not be able to attend classes.

*It is also essential that parents send transportation requests (for bussing) in to the superintendent of your local school district before March 31st.*