Central Baptist Christian School

This year more than ever, it’s extremely important that we have accurate enrollment numbers for next year.  Please do send in your registration as soon as possible, and contact our school office if you have any questions.


Tuition increased by $300 for your first child and $100 for your second child for this school year (as well as $25 per student for registration).  Listed below are the current tuition costs.

General Tuition (Yearly):

1st Child – $2,500

2nd Child – $2,000

3rd Child – $1,700

4th Child – $1,400

5th Child & up – $1,000

Our half-day Kindergarten is $1,400 per year (unless the family has 5+ children in the school, in which case it would be $1,000).  Half-day Kindergarten is FREE to Central Baptist Church members!

Full-day Kindergarten is a full tuition (members of Central Baptist Church would pay $1,000 per year for a full-day Kindergarten).

Tuition is based on a 10-month payment schedule, August through May.  The first payment is due August 1, and the last payment is due May 1.  Each payment is 10% of the total tuition.  For example, if tuition for your child is $2,200, the first payment is $220 (due August 1).  A $10.00 late fee per student will be added if payment is not received by the 10th of the month. 

A 5% discount is available to those who pay their tuition IN FULL prior to the start of the school year.  All CBC members and all those who are employed in full-time Christian ministry receive a $200 discount per tuition.  


Grades 1-12 – $225 before June 1, $275 after June 1

Kindergarten – $175 before June 1, $225 after June 1

The registration fee and the first tuition payment must be received in full before a child may start school.  If any account is past 60 days overdue, the child will not be able to attend classes.

*It is also essential that parents send transportation requests (for bussing) in to the superintendent of your local school district before March 31st.*